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in the dissemination enterprise of the "Bnei Baruch - Kabbalah La'am" association
"Only through the expansion of the wisdom of Kabbalah in the masses will we obtain complete redemption"
Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag, "Baal HaSulam"
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To this day we have disseminated unprecedented amounts of valuable and unique materials throughout the world, all thanks to thousands of friends who have done so voluntarily and persistently.

Since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic the world needs more than ever contents that only our organization is capable of providing. Contents that explain the importance of connection between people and bring them closer to resolving all crises.

So now more than ever we invite you to donate money and take part in increasing the dissemination of our contents to humanity.

In this way each and every one of us can fulfill the dream of the Kabbalists to spread the wisdom of Kabbalah to the masses and flow the light to the world. 

The management of the "Bnei Baruch - Kabbalah La'am" association thanks you in advance for your important donation.

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